COS 120: Introduction to Computational Problem Solving

Approaches to computing solutions for problems from a variety of subject areas are examined and provide motivation for the study of the development of algorithms and their implementation. Programming concepts are introduced incrementally in order to solve increasingly complex problems. Good algorithm design and program structure are emphasized. Introductory data structures and software engineering principles are stressed. An introduction to object- oriented programming is included. Three hours of lecture and two hours of lab per week. Meets foundation core computation requirement.

Cybersecurity Knowledge Areas

  • Basic Scripting
  • Programming


CAE 2014 Topics

  • Basic Scripting (tier 1)
    • Basic Security (bounds checking, input validation)
  • Programming (tier 2)
    • Programming Language, such as: C

CAE 2014 Outcomes

  • Basic Scripting (tier 1)
    • Write simple and compound conditions within a programming language or similar environment (e.g., scripts, macros, SQL)
  • Programming (tier 2)
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of a programming language to solve complex problems in a secure and robust manner

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