COS 331: Data Communications

A study of the nature and applications of data communications in use today. Fundamental concepts of types, modes, and media of transmission are studied. Communication protocols and their encompassing architectures are analyzed and compared. Practical applications of data communications concepts are demonstrated through networking projects and development of communications software. Prerequisite: COS 121.

Cybersecurity Knowledge Areas

  • Network Technology and Protocols
  • Networking Concepts


CAE 2014 Topics

  • Networking Concepts (tier 1)
    • Overview of Networking (OSI Model)
  • Network Technology and Protocols (tier 2)
    • Network Architectures

CAE 2014 Outcomes

  • Networking Concepts (tier 1)
    • Describe the fundamental concepts, technologies, components and issues related to communications and data networks
  • Network Technology and Protocols (tier 2)
    • Apply their knowledge of network technologies to design and construct a working network

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